Age Group Commissioners are volunteers who help manage player assignments to teams within one of the 19 age groups in the Recreational program. Commissioners work with the coaches and team managers prior to the season to build rosters, schedule games, and provide support as needed. Players are assigned to Recreational teams in the Coed or Girls-only divisions according to the child's age. 

If you are interested in volunteering as an Age Group Commissioner or have additional questions about the role of our Age Group Commissioners, please contact Justin Wilt for assistance.

Division Name Email
Coed Pre-KPlus Justin Wilt
Coed Kinder Soraya Evans
Coed 1st Alan Bender
Coed 2nd Pavan Khoobchandani
Coed 3rd Mark Farrell & Tom Metcalf markf@stoddert &
Coed 4th Allan Gordus
Coed 5th Rich Wysocki & Dorothy McCuaig & dorothym@stoddert
Coed 6th Christian Mew
Coed 7th Jennifer Lavorel
Coed 8th Erin Harcourt
Coed HS Nick Keenan
Girls 1st Kejia Yang & Meghan Flores &
Girls 2nd Kirsten Keefe
Girls 3rd Tracy Gross Kroloff
Girls 4th Allan Gordus
Girls 5th Haze McCrary
Girls 6th Sarah Stettinius & Eric Hoy &
Girls 7th Haze McCrary
Girls 8th Kelle Bevine
Girls HS Stefan Fatsis