What are the game dates for the Spring 2020 season?

AMENDED:  Each team will have 8 games over the following dates:

April 18, 26
May 2, 16, 16, 30
June 6, 13

I am a returning player - will I be placed on my old team?

If your child was rostered to a team during the Fall 2019 season, they will be re-assigned to that team (if they want to, barring any extenuating circumstances)* by the Age Group Commissioner provided online registration is completed by 02/09/20. All roster decisions are made by Age Group Commissioners. Coaches have no authority to roster a player.  

*For example, a team may need to be divided if too large.

How do I request a specific team?

During online registration, parents/guardians can request a specific team for their child. This request is reviewed by the Age Group Commissioner. You may contact your Commissioner if you would like to change your choice after registering. We try to accommodate requests but can not guarantee that space will be available on any chosen team. 

How do I know if I have been placed on a team?

Spring 2020 team rosters will be posted online and accessible to parents a couple of weeks prior to the start of the season. You may ask the appropriate Age Group Commissioner as well.

I forgot my user ID and/or password. What do I do?

Your user name is the email you used to register. To reset your password, follow these instructions. For more help, contact our Club Registrar.

Will my child play in every game?

Yes! It is DC Stoddert Soccer policy that every player must play at least half of each Rec game. 

How will I know if my game is cancelled?

Games and practices proceed regardless of weather, unless fields are closed.  The quickest way for DC Stoddert participants to learn about field statuses is to monitor the DPR website and sign up for DPR email/next notifications.  Staff also try to post field announcements at the website homepage if there are weather-related cancellations. In select cases, an email may to sent to select participants through the SportsEngine system.

How do you handle rainouts and other weather-related cancellations?

Some leagues have make-up days factored into the schedule. DC Stoddert Soccer handles this a little differently by scheduling a full 9-week schedule (instead of 8 weeks of games and 1 for rainouts, as is commonly done in other leagues). This means that everyone knows the full schedule from the outset. It also means that, in some seasons, players get in more games than they would if we have a "make-up day" in the schedule.

Sometimes activities that are canceled due to weather may be made up if facilities and staffing permits. There is no guarantee that any event canceled due to weather will be made up, and no refunds will be granted in such a case unless explicitly stated.

Who oversees the online registration system?

DC Stoddert's Registrar is in charge of all player registrations and is the primary point of contact for our online registration system. Parents should be advised that the Registrar does not roster players onto Recreational teams. That is managed by each Age Group Commissioner and is not negotiable. Coaches and team managers must request player rostering assignments directly to their respective Age Group Commissioner. 

What are the rules and regulations that I need to follow?

There are specific rules and regulations for players, parents, coaches, and managers as established by the DC Stoddert Soccer staff that apply to all participants, volunteers, parents, guardians, and spectators to be aware of and comply with as part of our Recreational Program. This includes Player, Parent/Guardian, and Coach Codes of Conduct, and a summary of coach responsibilities. Additionally, the laws of the game are specified for each age group. Check out our Recreational Rules Summary and Gameday Rules & Reminders for your age group to view all rules applicable to your player.

For the Rec Program's Administrative Rules, please click here.

Who sets the policies and procedures for the Recreational program?

All policies and procedures pertaining to the Recreational Program are established by the DC Stoddert Soccer staff and supported by the volunteer Age Group Commissioners.

Where are games and practices held?

DC Stoddert Soccer partners with a variety of private and public schools and agencies to reserve athletic fields for recreational soccer training sessions and match play. These respective parks and facilities are spread across the District of Columbia and areas of Montgomery County (MD). Please click HERE for a map of current locations. 

Who is my Age Group Commissioner and how do I contact them?

Age Group Commissioners for the Spring 2020 Season are posted here. Email is the best way to contact your Commissioner. 

When are practices?

Recreational team practices are arranged by coaches. Information pertaining to where and when your child's team will practice will be coordinated by the Coach and/or Team Manager.  

Can I request a specific time or location for my practices?

No, but it is recommended that parents discuss these matters with their child's Coach. Practice time is set by the Coach. Coaches request practice fields and they are assigned based on availability. 

Who is my Coach? Who is my Manager? How do I contact them?

Coaches and Managers are parents who have volunteered to help run the team. Every team has a Coach and some teams will have Managers as well. Once you are assigned to a team, login to your Sports Engine account to see your team, Coach, and Manager. The easiest way to contact your Coach or Manager is to send them a message using Sports Engine secure messaging.  Login to your account, view your Team Page and use the EMAIL tab.

Can we use a paid coach or trainer for our Rec team?

No, paid coaches and/or trainers are not permitted for Rec teams engaged in DC Stoddert activities.

Can high school students serve as coaches or assistant coaches?

Yes they can! Volunteering as a soccer coach is a fun way to give back to the community and earn much-needed service hours. Students under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult connected to the team during all DC Stoddert events. High school students also make great assistant coaches supporting parent-coaches who feel they lack soccer-specific knowledge and want some help in that area. For a description of how coaching youth soccer can contribute service hours for high school students, please read this.

I looked and my team has no Coach. What does that mean?

Our Coaches are parents who have volunteered. If no Coach is listed it means that no one has stepped forward on your team. Your Age Group Commissioner will reach out to team parents to find a volunteer Coach. If a Coach cannot be identified, your team may disbanded by the Age Group Commissioner and players will be reassigned or fees will be refunded. 

I want to volunteer to coach or manage a team. What should I do?

Coaches and Managers are assigned by Commissioners, so please contact your Commissioner or the Recreational Program Director. The US Youth Soccer Association requires that all volunteers register as a volunteer and agree to a background check. To register as a volunteer for the Spring 2020 season, please create an account on this site, login, and look for the Volunteer Opportunities link. 

Additionally, DC Stoddert Soccer offers a variety of coaching education opportunities for coaches of all levels, including beginners.  Check out the list of free educational opportunities here.

Can I request a game field by my home?

No. Each division is assigned a specific field. That field may be by your home. but there is a possibility that it may not be in your immediate neighborhood. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

Complete the Financial Aid application prior to program registration. 

What equipment is needed for each player?

In order to participate in games, a player must wear a DC Stoddert-supplied jersey, as well as shin guards and appropriate shoes. Shoes can be soccer cleats, turf shoes, or running shoes. In order to participate in practice, a player must wear shin guards and appropriate shoes. Twice a year DC Stoddert runs a cleat exchange where used cleats are available for $2. Every player is encouraged to have their own ball and to bring water and sunscreen to games and practices. 

How do I receive the uniform?

All players are issued new uniforms in the Fall which will be worn for the Fall and Spring seasons. If you are a new player in the Spring, a uniform will be issued. All uniforms are delivered to the team coach or manager.

Does it matter that my child has never played before?

No. Inexperience is fine! Our goal is to provide the environment so your child will develop no matter what level they are at currently.  

What size ball should my player have?

Players in second grade and younger should have a size 3.
Players in grades three through six should have a size 4.
Players in grade seven and older should have a size 5.
Being one size off is generally okay. For example, a second grade player with a size 4 ball and a sixth grade player with a size 5 ball will be fine.

Why doesn't the game schedule come out sooner?

In our Recreational program we try to maximize participation. What this means is that often we haven’t finalized the number of teams until right before the start of the season, as we work to get everyone who rostered to a team. At the same time, we try to maximize the number of games on our best fields. We often face substantial competition for those fields and don’t know until quite late exactly how much time we will have on them. We have found that it creates more confusion to release a schedule and then revise it, so we hold schedules until we’re sure they are correct. 

Are refunds available?

Refunds (less a $15 processing fee) are available if requested before the date of the first game of the season. No refunds will be granted after that point. Any additional costs incurred during registration (i.e. ticket vouchers, charitable donations) are not refundable. Players provided new uniforms or jerseys for the current season must return those to DC Stoddert Soccer prior to the fulfillment of any refund request.

What happens if my child is placed on the waitlist?

If the waitlist has been activated for a specific division that means the division is close to capacity. However, that does not mean that there isn't availability on certain teams in that division. If there is availability the Commissioner will begin to place players on specific teams. Players will be moved from the waitlist in the order in which they registered. 

What is DC Stoddert Soccer's tax ID number?

DC Stoddert’s tax ID number:  52-1340436

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