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Futsal FAQ

Q:  What is futsal?  How does it differ from soccer?

A: Futsal is a technically focused form of soccer played on hard courts.  In this instance, we play futsal indoors on basketball courts.  This document offers a "crash course" in futsal rules and shows the primary differences.


Q:  Is futsal only for Rec players?

A:  Futsal is for any player who wishes to participate.  Rec players, Travel players, whatever…bring them on!


Q:  What does futsal cost?

A:  Futsal registration is done on a per player basis, like Rec soccer.  Each player signs up and pays the fee.  The standard fee is $140.  Players signing up before November 5 enjoy an Early Bird discounted fee of $120.  Players signing up late (after December 7) will pay $20 more (registration fee $160).  Financial aid is also available.


Q:  What does the program offer?

A:  With futsal you get an 8 week game season, starting in early January and running through mid-March.  Some teams may also participate in pre-season educational sessions in December.


Q: Are futsal teams coached by volunteer parents?

A: Yes!  This is a great opportunity for volunteer coaches to learn more about futsal.


Q:  Is there a Girls division for this program?

A:  Yes, numbers-permitting, we hope to have separate Girls divisions.


Q: How many educational sessions are there total and how do we sign up?

A: Team-based educational sessions will run Dec. 8 and 14.  Educational sessions will be team-based, striving to educate players and coaches at the same time.  Team coaches will sign up for the limited slots that will be available.


Q:  I have a child who would like to take part in futsal, but is not part of any soccer team right now. Can my child still join in?

A:  Absolutely!  We welcome new players to futsal!  Prior Stoddert participation is not required.


Q:  What is the proper roster size for a team?  Could we form a team if we have a number of players who all want to play together?

A:  For teams with players in grades 5 and up, teams will play 5 v 5 (4 on the field + a GK), so the maximum roster size is 10.  For teams of players in grades 2, 3 and 4, teams will play 6 v 6, so the max roster size is 12.  All teams will play on full sized futsal courts.  If you know of a collection of kids who want to play together, wonderful!  Have them register and reference the same coach or team name.


Q: Will there be court time available for practices?

A: No indoor practice time is available other than the educational sessions (and pre-game warm up time, which is pushing it, practice-wise).  Coaches are welcome to conduct practices in other locations based on their own schedules / availability.  Futsal can be practiced anywhere, really!  We will be making turf fields available for futsal teams seeking to run practices.

Q: What are the time slots for futsal games?   When does play begin?

A: Times vary a bit each week, bur generally involve Fridays between 5pm and 10pm & Saturdays 9am-6pm.  Games will start during the first weekend in January.

Q:  Are there any games over the MLK holiday weekend and / or the Presidents Day holiday weekend?

A:  There are no games on either of those weekends.

Q:  Is there any control over game times?

A:  You may certainly request specific times.  At this point we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor all such requests – it depends largely on how many teams enter for each age group. 


Q: Will uniforms be distributed?  What should the team wear?

A: No new uniforms will be provided for futsal.  Teams should wear shirts that all match, of their own choosing.  If they can use regular Rec uniforms, fine.  If they want to create a new uniform using new shirts of some sort, that’s ok.  The key is that all of the player’s shirts should be the same color.

For players playing goalkeeper, we will have pinnies available at the facilities.  Of course, you are welcome you provide your own if that helps.


Q: Should players bring a soccer ball?  Will they be playing with soccer balls?  Do they need to buy a futsal ball?

A: Stoddert will provide game balls on game days.  The refs will have futsal balls for use in games.  No one needs to buy a futsal ball unless they wish to practice outside of the scope of the existing program.  Of course, we encourage practicing!

Futsal balls are size 4 balls that are slightly heavier and have less bounce.  This is to encourage players to keep the ball on the ground and it helps players focus on technical skills during games.


Q: Will the game schedule be available online?

A: We expect to have it available online in very early January at the latest, prior to the start of the games.



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