DC Stoddert Soccer believes that all children who are selected to play in its travel program should be able to play, regardless of family income.  Stoddert has a Scholarship Committee made up of volunteers who review the applications of all players who request a scholarship.

Travel Scholarship Registration Process

1. All players must register with DC Stoddert similar to every travel player.

                -They will use the same link; they will indicate “applying for scholarship” during the registration.

2. Scholarship Players must fill out the 2014/2015 Travel Scholarship Request Form

                -This must be accompanied by the necessary documentation (one of the two below)

- U.S. Federal Tax Return (Form 1040) First Page Only or Proof of eligibility for TANIF Free Lunch Program or Food Stamps

      -If possible, any Social Security numbers that appear on these documents should be blocked out before submitting them.

-Documents should be completed and mailed to DC Stoddert to the Attention of the Registrar. The documents should be mailed to PO Box 39107, Washington DC 20016

3. They must pay the balance (if any deemed necessary) 
Decisions of the Scholarship Committee will be communicated to the player’s family. The decisions cover one soccer-year (both fall and spring season) so no new documents will be required for the spring season.