Travel Team Expense Requests

Current as of August 6, 2014

The Travel Team Expense Assistance form is an application that teams submit on an annual basis to subsidize the out of pocket expenses they incur in helping their scholarship players.

Expenses are those incurred on behalf of scholarship players that other team parents have had to share.

Reimbursable expenses:  uniforms, tournament fees (excluding hotel accommodations), and winter training fees. 

Deadline for each year is November 15th, with actual expenses from January of the current year through December..

There is a ceiling the club can give to any team, based on budget available, total requests, number of scholarship players per team and the type of expenses incurred. In past seasons a team might get around 50 to 75% of what they ask for depending on the above factors.

Note: A new travel team expense form is currently being developed for use by all DC Stoddert Soccer Travel teams for the 2014-15 academic year. As soon as that form is available, we will update this page with the proper links. In the meantime, please contact Evans MALYI, Director of Travel Soccer, at 202-338-1910 or send him an e-mail for further assistance.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.