DC Stoddert has a mission of "youngsters having fun".  In an effort to fulfill this mission, DC Stoddert has created a series of rules and regulations which serve as guidance for all persons involved with Stoddert soccer, from administrators to coaches to referees to parents.  Please review the documents within this section for more information on these rules and regulations.  Should you have any questions, please contact DC Stoddert’s League Administrator, Tom Gross, at tom@stoddert.com.

Rules & Regulations

Recreational Rules and Regulations - Updated June 2013

Sideline Ethics



Coaches’ Responsibilities and Notes

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The Fun is In the Game: A Story on Sideline Ethics
by David Repka, 04/24/07

Sideline Behavior

One of the most written-about topics in youth sports is sideline behavior.  Unfortunately, what is written about most frequently is bad sideline behavior — and usually bad sideline behavior of adults.  Of course, the mainstream media generally focuses on the truly exceptional examples such as shootings and fist fights that support the view that organized youth sports have gone "over the top" and are now more about parents than they are about kids.  At DC Stoddert we have a longstanding philosophy of emphasizing participation and putting kids at the center of the program.  Fortunately, we have not seen truly exceptional, media-friendly examples of bad behavior.  Unfortunately, however, we do see a more garden variety of bad sideline behavior — behavior that is not even noticed because it has practically become part of the accepted culture.