Practice Session
Basic Breakdown of a 90-minute session

Basic pieces of a practice session using current terminology:

15-20 minute technical warm-up.  Coach can combine dynamic stretching, juggling, and footskills.

20-minute small-sided activity(ies) Put players in a grid doing some type of technique with a bit of pressure, time, or space constraint. For instance, play “knockout” where each player has a ball and tries to hit the other players’ balls out of the grid.

20-25 minute expanded small-sided activity(ies)  This is where directional play comes in. Coach can use an endline or target players or small goals for scoring options (i.e., 3 v 3 to Target players on the endline)

30-minute small-sided game (always to 2 goals; always with goalkeepers if you have the numbers) ALWAYS END WITH A SCRIMMAGE!