The Registration And Communications Platform For Stoddert's Recreational Program

This year, we are excited to introduce you to Korrio  - a 21st century sports automation system that DC Stoddert has chosen to simplify registration, scheduling and communications. We are continually looking to elevate our game both on and off the field, and we believe Korrio is the right partner for DC Stoddert.

Everyone registered in Korrio is provided their own facepage/user account. On that page is everything immediately relevant to your Stoddert Recreational experience. Please take some time to become familiar with the features of your Korrio page. Your Korrio account is important for the remainder of your DC Stoddert experience. It provides you with scheduling and communications features during the season, and you will use it again to register for upcoming season registrations. Keep your username and password, just like you would with your email account, Facebook or Google+ accounts. 

Please note that parents have complete access to their kids’ accounts. If your children are young, or you wish for them not to have their own accounts, simply do not provide them their username and password. You as the parent have full control.

To access your account go to www.korrio.com and login at the top of the page. If you did not save your ID or passcode, follow the lost passcode instructions using your e-mail. 

How Korrio will help our coaches, managers, parents and players

Korrio helps our teams spend less time on the administrative tasks of managing a team so that you can focus on what you are passionate about and enjoy most – the game of soccer and the development of your players.

Team Basics: Click Here to learn more about Korrio’s team functionality.

Coaches and Managers:  Click Here for more details on Korrio team communications and scheduling features that will help you more efficiently manage your team.

Parents and Players: Click on Parents or Players for more information on how Korrio helps you and your team elevate your game and provide for a more positive soccer experience! 

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