Practice Field Time
Need a field for a scrimmage, extra practice, friendly or kick-around? Field space is available

Field space that is not reserved for games or practices is available to be used by Stoddert members for soccer-related purposes.

You will need your team ID from Korrio to sign up for practice space. Recreational teams: to get your team ID, go into Korrio and select your team under "Teams" from the left hand menu. Travel teams: use your team name and include the year (i.e. U9 Blue Metros).

Signup has begun for the spring season. Click here to see available times and to make a reservation.

You can verify your reservation, and check availability of other field space, by viewing the Master Field Calendar. See the link on the left menu.

If you have field space and find you are not going to use it, please email the scheduler to cancel your reservation so that others can use the time.


Three Simple Things You Can Do to Help Improve Access to Fields

It's simple, but it bears repeating: in order to have games and practices we need fields. The greatest threat to our access to fields -- especially high-quality, conveniently-located fields -- is the behavior of our members. Please remember to:


1. Park legally and considerately.

2. Take your trash home with you.

3. Leave your dog at home.Stoddert rules prohibit pets anywhere on the property at all practices and games.

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