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Fee Waiver - Travel

DC Stoddert Soccer believes that all children who are selected to participate in the Travel Program should be able to play, regardless of family income.  As such, the club has a Financial Assistance Committee where the applications of families requesting financial assistance are reviewed and fee waivers granted, dependent on need.

Registration Process

  1. All players must register with DC Stoddert through a secure, online registration system which will were initiated after results from the 2016-17 travel team tryouts were released. Parents should indicate “applying for a fee waiver” when completing online registration for the team that they were invited to join for the school year. A deposit of $150 is required when submitting the application. Directions can be found on the Financial Aid Request Form that must be completed in full when applying for assistance.
  2. This application must be accompanied by the necessary documentation (one of the two options listed below):
  • U.S. Federal Tax Return (Form 1040) First Page Only
  • Proof of eligibility for TANIF Free Lunch Program or Food Stamps


Please block out Social Security numbers that appear on these documents before submitting them for review. 

You may access our Travel Financial Aid Request Form here.

Where to Send Your Completed Application

Documents should be completed and mailed to:

DC Stoddert Soccer, Inc.
Attn: Financial Assistance Committee
4620 Wisconsin AvenueNW, Suite A
Washington, DC  20016

The application form may be sent via email to the attention of Kate Murphy, kate@stoddert.com, but all supporting documents (tax returns, eligibility for free lunch, food stamps paperwork) must be mailed in hard copy format to the address provided above. 

Award Determination Process

Decisions of the Financial Assistance Committee will be communicated directly to the applicant’s family via email. If fee's are waived, the it will help defray fees associated with the full soccer-year (both fall 2015 and spring 2016 seasons). Those who receive fee waiver's will not be required to submit new documentation in order to qualify for spring 2016 season assistance.  The fee waiver will not cover all of the costs associated with travel soccer - please read the form carefully and contact us if you have any questions.


Kate Murphy, Travel Program Manager, kate@stoddert.com.


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