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Frequently Asked Questions - Recreational/Futsal

Q: Are futsal teams coached by volunteer parents?
A: Yes! This is a great opportunity for volunteer coaches to learn more about futsal.

Q: Is there a Girls division for this?

A: Yes, numbers-permitting, we hope to have separate Girls divisions.

Q: How many educational sessions are there total and how do we sign up? Is there other time for practices?

A: Educational sessions will run Dec. 8/9 and 15/16, and *maybe* some on Dec. 2 as well. Format & specific timing TBD.

Q: Are the educational sessions for both players and parents? Or are they separate?

A: Educational sessions are primarily for players, with coaches as a secondary audience.

Q: I have a child who would like to take part in futsal, but is not part of any soccer team right now. Can my child still join in?

A: Absolutely! We welcome new players to futsal! Prior Stoddert participation is not required.

Q: What is the suggested roster size for a team? Could we form a team if we have a number of players who all want to play together?

A: Teams will play 5 v 5 (4 on the field + a GK), so the optimal roster size is 10. If you know of a collection of kids who want to play together, wonderful! Have them register and reference the same coach or team name.

Q: Will there be court time available for practices?

A: No practice time is available other than the educational sessions (and pre-game warm up time, which is pushing it, practice-wise). Coaches are welcome to conduct practices in other locations based on their own schedules / availability. Futsal can be practiced anywhere, really!

Q: What are the time slots for futsal games?

A: Fridays between 6pm and 10pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm.

Q: Is there any control over game times…i.e., can coaches state preference for say Saturday day?

A: You may certainly request specific times. At this point we cannot guarantee that we will be able to honor all such requests – it depends largely on how many teams enter for each age group.

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