Meet Our Service Awardees
Volunteers honored as part of Annual General Meeting at RiRa


The Stoddert membership filled the second floor party room at RiRa Irish Pub in Georgetown on Wednesday, December 9 for the club's Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony. This yearly event elects the new Board of Directors for the coming year and honors the very best coaches, referees and volunteers who make the club's soccer programs special.

Gregory ROBB

Tyler Rusch

Adult Referee of the Year

Michael A.

Jessi Miller

Youth Referee of the Year




Kelly & Sloane Murray All-Girls' Recreational Coach of the Year



Len Oliver Coed Recreational Coach of the Year


DC Stoddert Soccer

Travel Coach of the Year



John A. Koskinen

Volunteer of the Year


DC Stoddert Soccer would like to thank all of the men and women who volunteer countless hours each season to coach, manage and organize youth teams. Congratulations to the awardees as well as all of the nominees listed below who were recommended for a particular award by peer recommendations submitted over the past few weeks:
 Ken ADAMS - Mustafa AKSAKAL - Allan ALLANGO - Carlos ANGULO - David BAGNOLI - Karen BATES - Kelle BEVINE - David BOWKER - Jolyon BOWMAN - Michael BRADY - Steven BROWN - Ledio CAKAJ - Anthony CALLANDRILLO - Walter CASTILLO - Christopher CHAMBERS - Robert CONNOLLY - Dan COVITZ - Alberto FERNANDEZ - Jen FOX - Jesse FRANTZ - Rick GALENAS - Matt GARDNER - Amos GELB - Marek GOOTMAN - Allan GORDUS - Bill GOURGEY - Eric HALPERIN - Aaron HANNA - Azuree HARRISON - Derek HEADEY - Matt HOGANBRUEN - Frederick JONES - Jean-Amiel JOURDAN - Russell KATZ - Kevin KLYM - Shane KRAMER - Noah KROLOFF - Melissa LAVINSON - Michael LAVOREL - Eliza LEIGHTON - Piers LEWIS - Chris LUCKETT - Jake MAAS - Danny MALEC - Tom MARSHALL -Gavin MacGREGOR-SKINNER - Karen McCANN-McCLELLAND - Dorothy McCUAIG - Paul McGOWAN - PAUL McKAY - Toby MENSFORTH - Greg MUHLNER - Mary O'LONE - Eric NAWAR - Vadim NIKITINE - Michael PETRETICH - Pat RICE - Robert RUSSELL - Hartmann SCHOEBEL - Tom SHEA - Cesar SILVA - Mark STONE - Mehran TAMAMI - Pedro TUESTA - Chris TOUSIMIS - Ivan WASSERMAN - Peter WENDEL - Danny WILLMAN - Joshua WINCHELL - Chuck WOLVERTON - Bob ZAHRADNIK - Egon ZAKRAJSEK

Stoddert Coaches and Parents Participate in Hands-On Workshops


Did you know that the District of Columbia is the first city in the nation to receive funding to explore and enforce the Athletic Concussion Protection Act of 2011 through education and awareness activities?

Funded by the DC Department of Health, experts from Children's National Health System, DC Stoddert Soccer, Medstar Sports Medicine, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, DC State Athletic Association, and the Brain Injury Association of DC, have teamed up to certify and instruct District youth, parents, coaches, and school personnel on how to recognize a concussion, and decide when it is safe to return to working, learning, and playing. 

Through the grant, DC Stoddert Soccer and other community-based organizations are working together to support the law and spread awareness, by joining a network of health care experts and public agencies to establish a toolkit that other states and jurisdictions can successfully adopt and implement for their young athletes to avoid long-term health dangers associated with the failure to recognize and treat concussions. 

So far, the public awareness campaign reached 5,558 students, parents, coaches, and community members in the District of Columbia through 15 community events and the concussion training program has been completed by over 600 coaches, athletic trainers, and school nurses in the District of Columbia. 

[CLICK HERE]  to learn more about concussions.

Passback Reaches 1000
Stoddert Nation Rises to Challenge

The first-ever Passback Challenge to the DC Stoddert Soccer community has concluded and was a tremendous success! The outpouring of support from Stoddert Nation players, coaches, volunteers, friends and families was simply AMAZING! Thank you to all who have dropped by the office or one of our collection sites over the past week to "share equipment".

Get to know Mike Fitzgerald & the Bank of Georgetown

Bank of Georgetown is the Official Bank of DC Stoddert Soccer and has been a strong supporter of the club’s mission, vision and programs for almost a decade.

Inside the Stoddert Nation e-newsletter Archives

Inside the Stoddert Nation e-newsletter Archives

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Partner Spotlight: Official Sports International
Official Sports International partners with DC Stoddert

Official Sports International partners with DC Stoddert to support the educational training development of adult and youth referees.