Spring '15 Practice Field Signup Now Online
Sign up your recreational team for practice this spring!


(Current as of Thursday, March 26, 2015)

DC Stoddert Soccer is delighted to announce that practice field registration for all registered Recreational teams eligible to play this spring season is now open and available on stoddert.com.

Please note that practice fields are available for registered recreational teams Under-7 (i.e. C07-G07) and older. Coaches and teams may begin training the week of April 6. A link to a list of available fields and times is below. Practice field assignments are done on a first-come first-serve basis.

(If you are using the Chrome browser see the note below)


Here are a few simple reminders and tips on the registration process before you begin:

1. ONLY REGISTERED TEAMS AND THEIR COACH/MANAGER MAY REGISTER. Members of the Stoddert Soccer management team will review all submissions made and reserve the right to remove teams from the list who are not officially registered with the club for the spring 2015 season.

  • All submissions must have a valid Team ID. To find your Team ID, log into Korrio (www.korrio.com). Click on "Teams" on the left hand menu, and select the team you are signing up for. The Team ID will be on the front page for that team. 

2. TEAMS MAY REGISTER FOR (1) 60-MINUTE PRACTICE SESSION PER WEEK. This is to ensure that registered teams have one practice per season. Management will make unreserved time available after the first match of the season (April 11) and invite team coaches and managers to sign up for additional unallocated time, if available. 

3. BROWSER COMPATABILITY. The sign-up form is hosted by Google. On March 13, Google announced a security issue with their site and restricted access from certain browsers until the issue is resolved. If you're using Chrome, and the link above doesn't work, try this link:

If you are not sure which link to use, try either one. If you get an error message, try the other one. If neither works the only solution is to try a different browser.

 Full details of the issue are here: https://code.google.com/p/google-caja/wiki/SecurityAdvisory20150313

 4. FIELD LOCATIONS & AVAILABILITYTo view a list of available fields and times, Click Here.  Note that field availability changes frequently in the run-up to the season and is controlled by the D.C. Department of Parks & Recreation, not DC Stoddert Soccer.







What is DC Stoddert Recreational Soccer?

DC Stoddert Soccer is the District of Columbia’s largest youth sports program with more than 6,000 players participating each fall and spring. As a community-minded organization, the club is dedicated to making soccer fun, safe and accessible to all players. As such, DC Stoddert Soccer provides co-ed programs for children between the ages of 5-18, and a girls-only program for girls, ages 8-18. The focus of the recreational soccer experience is on personal development and enjoyment of the game rather than winning. Nearly half of all recreational players are girls, making DC Stoddert Soccer the largest youth sports program for girls in the city.

As a matter of principle, DC Stoddert Soccer strives to make all soccer programs inclusive - recreational programs are open-registration, where as long as space permits, every child that registers is put on a team and every player on a team gets to play. The registration fee per child is $70 per season, and the club offers a 'no questions-asked financial assistance program' for families requesting help.

The only required equipment for children to participate in a DC Stoddert Soccer recreational program are proper footwear, such as cleats and shin-guards. Each season, the club collects and distributes new and gently used cleats and other soccer equipment for players in need. 

DC Stoddert Soccer provides high-quality soccer programs for youth at a reasonable cost due to the many contributions and support of volunteers.  Throughout the course of a school year, the club organizes more than 4,000 games a year, and virtually all the work that goes into the preparation for those games is done by a corps of 750 volunteers.  Volunteers coach and referee games, distribute uniforms, prepare fields and equipment, create schedules and rosters, and adjudicate disputes. We are very proud of the volunteer culture of our club.

For more information about specific programs for your child or to register, click on the tab on the left that says "Registration."