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Coaches in Action, Issue II - October 26, 2015


DC Stoddert Soccer is proud to continue our "Coaches in Action" series for the week of October 26, 2015. This week's edition highlights the training activities and plans of Coaches Matt Harcourt, Paul Weiss and Bob Zahradnik.

Paul Weiss

Head Coach, Wanderers

Co-Ed Uunder 14 Division





What are you focusing on with your team?


Coach Weiss says there are a few things in particular that he wants to work on with his team.

He says that Wanderers have been working on ball skills - warming up with a variety of touches on the ball, learning to turn away from the defender when under pressure, and working on making short, quick passes to nearby teammates.

What are your goals?

1. Receiving the ball / trapping from the air;

2. Serving the ball back in two touches on the ground.

Finally, the team will work on supporting the ball in small sided games, and how to make supporting runs in the attack.

Coaches In Action - Week of October 26, 2015

Matt Harcourt

Coach Harcourt works with two Co-ed teams, 1st and 4th Grade Westbrook Eagles. He also helps out with the 7th Grade Westland Eagles.

We will continue to work on communication in practice.

My fourth grade team has been together now for 5 years and they just refuse to talk to one another on the pitch. 

I'll run a drill that encourages them to make a pass to one another and then communicate to either pass the ball back or to turn with the ball.  It will be the passers’ responsibility to talk to the person they are passing to.


Coach Harcourt is also working with his teams on defensive marking, decision making and what to do if and when an attacker beats the defender.

Bob Zahradnik

Head Coach, Lamb Panthers

Co-Ed U-10 Division 

The last two weeks the Lamb Panthers have been emphasizing the ELM Tree of Mastery:

‘E’ for Effort

‘L’ for Learning

‘M’ for bouncing back from Mistakes



Coach Zahradnik has been addressing possession, positioning, communication and teamwork.

He has a particular drill where every player must touch the ball before an attempt on goal is made. This ensures the passing and movement of the players is very fluid and is a key aspect of the game. 


If you would like to share a story about your team from the training ground or recent match day, drop us a line at communications@stoddert.com. Be sure to include your full name and the name of the team you coach.

Soccer Books


The Italian Job: A Journey To The Heart of Two Great Footballing Cultures (Gianluca Vialli & Gabriele Marcotti)

Barca: The Making of the Greatest Team In The World (Graham Hunter)



The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey to Optimal Performance (Josh Waitzkin)

Outliers: The Story of Success (Malcolm Gladwell)

The Talent Code: Greatness Isn’t Born. It’s Grown. Here’s How (Daniel Coyle)

The Little Book of Talen: 52 Tips For Improving Your Skills (Daniel Coyle)

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life & Business (Charles Duhigg)