Recreational Age Group Commissioners
Spring 2016



Age Group Commissioners are volunteers who help manage player assignments to teams within one of the 19 age groups in the Recreational program. Commissioners work with the coaches and team managers prior to the season to build rosters, schedule games and provide support as needed. Players are assigned to recreational teams in the Co-Ed or Girls-only divisions according to the child's birth month and birth year. Commissioners, coaches and managers should consult the club's Age Group Matrix to help determine which age group the individual player corresponds to.

If you are interested in volunteering as an Age Group Commissioner or have additional questions about the role of our Age Group Commissioners, please contact Tom GROSS, Director of Recreational Operations and Volunteer Development at (202) 338-1910 or via email: for assistance.

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(Current as of February 9, 2016 - subject to change)


Co-Ed Division

Coed Pre-Kindergarten (Under 5): Tom Gross

Coed Kindergarten (Under 6): Catherine Morvis

Coed 1st (Under 7): Dorothy McCuaig and Rich Wysocki

Coed 2nd (Under 8):  Eric Hoy

Coed 3rd (Under 9): Jennifer Lavorel and Ryan McInerney

Coed 4th (Under 10): Erin Harcourt

Coed 5th (Under 11): Amit Malhorta

Coed 6th (Under 12): Jennifer Gootman

Coed 7th (Under 13): Tony Callandrillo

Coed 8th (Under 14): Kate Stein and Nick Keenan

Coed HS: Karin Perkins, Rick Graf and Nick Alten

Girls' Division

Girls' 2nd (Under 8): Sarah Stettinius and Shelley Vanneman

Girls' 3rd (Under 9): Haze McCrary

Girls' 4th (Under 10): Kelle Bevine

Girls' 5th (Under 11): Connie Lausten and Lucia Wadeson

Girls' 6th (Under 12): Kari Swenson

Girls' 7th (Under 13): Frank Moore

Girls' 8th (Under 14): Stefan Fatsis

Girls' High School: Sarah Ducich, Jenny Goldstein and Joy Willing


***Updated on February 9, 2016***